Commissioning Management

Having focused solely on the water and wastewater industry, Canadian Consulting Group utilizes its expertise to help develop overall startup and commissioning plans for both new and upgraded water and wastewater facilities.

Startup and commissioning of water and wastewater facilities requires many resources, equipment, and coordination.  A detailed plan is needed to in order to ensure that time and resources are used in the most effective and safe manner. Typically, we have been able to significantly reduce the overall startup and commissioning period for projects which results in reduction and control of the associated costs for all parties.

Canadian Consulting Group will work with all contractors, engineers, and the owners to develop a detailed commissioning plan that will result in the following minimum outputs:

  • arrowClear definition of every role and responsibility so that all parties know what is expected of them and what can be expected of others
  • arrowA detailed schedule that defines all tasks and resources required for startup and commissioning and in which sequence
  • arrowA clear chain of communication during startup and commissioning so that all parties are informed and updated of the progress
  • arrowDetailed documentation of the startup and commissioning

With new products and technology continually being launched in our industry.  Proper training of operations staff is key to having an overall successful project.  Canadian Consulting Group can develop and plan training sessions to provide operators with the knowledge and training to operate and maintain new equipment and systems and to have the material and resources to train new personnel.